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MAXILUX hybrid oil pumpkin

MAXILUX hybrid oil pumpkin

62 500 FtPrice

Gross price: HUF 53,975.00 / 18,000 bags of grain

Packaging: 18,000 eyes / bag

Sowing rate:  1 bag - 1 ha

Dressing: Dressed, uncoated

  • Info

    The year of state recognition of the latest hybrid oil pumpkin
    2020. A hybrid bred for the production of edible oil and baked pumpkin seeds. Upbringing, vigorous growth, sliced leaves, medium early variety. Its yield stability is better than the hybrids currently on the market. It tolerates compaction well, it can yield 0.7-0.9 t / ha in case of adequate nutrient supply. The fruit is round and uniform, the color of the seed is emerald green and of medium size. It grows well even in dry conditions. Also suitable for bakery use.

1 bag
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