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Unsugged sorghum JUMBO STAR

Unsugged sorghum JUMBO STAR


Gross price: 38,100 HUF / 300,000 bags of eyes

Packaging: 300,000 grains / bag

Sowing rate: 1ha - 1 bag

Dressing: Concep III

  • Description

    Dual-use nougat sorghum hybrid. High yielding with high content parameters. 

    • high yield
    • tall hybrid with large leaves
    • very good drought tolerant
    • taste, digestibility is excellent
    • makes good use of it  number of hours per day (photo period sensitive)

    Use: For direct harvesting, ensile at 28-30% dry matter.

    Reuse  in the case of hay and hay we mow at a height of 1.5 m

1 bag
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